Home inspectors to meet national standards

Home inspectors to meet national standards

Cam Allen, QMI Agency, Wednesday, August 15, 2012, 8:49 PM

KINGSTON, Ont. – Canada’s home inspectors, long unregulated in much of the country, will soon be expected to meet national standards for training and education, QMI Agency has learned.
The certification will be granted through a partnership between the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the National Home Inspector Certification Council (NHICC).

“The confusion is being removed from choosing a qualified home inspector. The inspector will be either CSA-approved, or not,” said NHICC spokesman Bill Mullen.

The CSA will soon announce that it will recognize the National Home Inspector Personnel Certification Program, one of several certification programs currently in use in Canada, as its national standard.

The CSA has quietly monitored the development of the NHICC certification model, which was created in 2010, for many months.

Like earning a trade license or an post-secondary diploma or degree, the CSA-NHICC project will be an independent certification program.

To become a certified national home inspector, a candidate must write a qualification exam. Based on the results of this exam and a background review, the candidate will be advised of what, if any, further education is required.

He or she will also be subject to a review of previously completed home inspections and supervised field work, and receive mentoring.

Before being granted the national home inspector designation, candidates will have to undergo an intensive and in-depth peer review by senior NHICC examiners.

“This certification process is the most inclusive, responsible and independent model available in North America,” said Mullen.

“Once the real estate, legal, insurance and banking communities see the CSA recognition of the NHICC program, it will only be a short period of time before the NHI designation will become the recognized standard for home inspectors from coast to coast.”

Currently, nearly 500 inspectors hold the NHI certification in Canada and many more are in the certification stream.