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Real estate: A ‘secret’ tax shelter

A great article I found in the Financial Post –  worth the read. Julian. By Jason Heath TFSAs have been a welcome addition to the tax shelter landscape in Canada, but they leave something to be desired for those with substantial assets and maxed out RRSP and TFSA room. Film limited partnerships have disappeared, charitable […]

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HST Confusion, FAQ s

I thought I would share this short clip put together by OREA to help clarify the implications of HST. Research had indicated that most people have been under the impression that HST applied to the full selling or purchase price of your home. In fact, HST only applies to the commission portion when selling, and […]

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HST vs Real Estate Explained…

Here is an update regarding HST and its impact on real estate that I thought may interest you. The government is following the lead of Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador by harmonizing the 5 per cent GST and the 8 per cent PST into one blended tax – the HST or […]

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